About us

Nelson Square Gardens Community Association represents residents of Helen Gladstone House, Rowland Hill House, Vaughan House, Applegarth House*, and the Helen Gladstone maisonettes and adjacent buildings to Southwark Council, and other official organisations.
We assist with questions of upkeep and maintenance, and problems residents may experience.
We can utilise our hall for events or courses, and often run social gatherings and charitable events.
We are a not-for-profit organisation, with a committee any resident can join, and a board that is elected annually.
We receive a small amount of funding from Southwark Council, the majority of which is used for liability insurance and upkeep of the residents’ hall.
We have some influence over decisions concerning Nelson Square itself (although it does not officially fall under our remit).
We do not offer legal advice, and whilst we can mediate in disputes with the council, we must step down once legal action has been initiated.

*Since Applegarth House has its own Tenant Management Organisation, its residents may not vote in official decisions (e.g. electing the board). However, we welcome Applegarth residents to participate.